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More than 3 million live videos created per year with 60% additional audience per live event

Professional streaming made simple

Edit, produce and publish high-quality live streaming like a pro

Did you know that 90% of online live audiences think quality is the most important aspect of a live video?

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Easy Live will deliver the highest quality available on the market.

Reach your audience
wherever they are

Our best in class cloud production studio and API will allow you to target your audience on :

  • social channels
  • websites
  • apps
  • Over-the-Top (OTT) platform

The All-in-one live streaming studio

Overachieve your results and get the best ROE (Return on Engagement) with:

  • High quality
  • Redundant streams
  • Professional look
  • Interaction tools

The All-in-one live streaming studio


Integration with other services

Easy Live is guaranteed to work with the best tools on the market.

Integrate with any 3rd party service of your choice to maximize your audience’s experience.

Engage audience with instant video highlights

Create real time video clips from live streams.

Ensure your content is seen first on every social platform.

International languages

Deliver your content in every languages

Reach your audience everywhere in the world.

Maximize viewers engagement and duration of watch.


Branded content and tags

Drive additional revenues by sharing branded content in real time to multiple Facebook pages.

Tag sponsors and advertising partners in the video.


You can integrate sponsored branding by using graphics or pre-recorded content into your live feeds.

Multi-branded live feeds

Deliver the same source feed to multiple destinations applying dedicated and custom branded graphics for each publisher.

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